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Flogging session (Erotica)

I get myself comfortable on the bench. With my ass towards the room, I lay my head down, and watch John getting out his floggers, and putting them in order. I can hear people talking and laughing farther in the room behind me; music is playing. It’s Friday night, party time…
I close my eyes and relax. I know I am in for a treat, and there is nothing else for me to do, just enjoy it.

Are you ready? – he asks, his hand pushing my hair away from my face. I nod and smile, feeling like a cat ready to purr. He smiles back and massages my arms for a short while, then moves slowly down my back until he reaches my skirt, and pulls it up. All that covers my ass now is a little black lace of my panties.

His hand circles around my cheeks, warming them up, pulling my panties down just a little bit. Then come the welcoming sensation of first smacks, light and sensual. Then stronger, faster, landing on different parts of my ass and my thighs.

I close my eyes and just enjoy it. The sensation feels like sensual massage, where leather tresses replace hands caressing my body. Some hits feel stronger, some lighter, some more stingy than others, all together softening my body and unwinding my mind.

By now we have figured out together the intensity that works for me, that’s not too weak, and not too painful. I do not want extreme pain, I do not care about it. What I want is to enjoy the sensation of my body being worked on, and the eroticism of the scene. Going from one extreme to another: tender kiss stolen between smacks, gentle touch sneaked after harder sting, intimate gestures of otherwise public play.

When we are done, I get off the bench lazily, in kind of a dizzy slow motion. It’s like waking up from the dream back to reality. My body feels softer and lighter, but my mind doesn’t want to wake up yet.

John puts towel around my shoulders and takes me to the couch, where I can sit down and relax. He goes back to pack up his toys snd sanitize the bench. When he is done, he joins me on the couch, his arm around me for the “after care” time. I rest my head on his shoulder, and snuggle comfortably against his body, while he gently caresses my face and my hair with the other hand. I feel calm, satisfied, safe, and free.

Author: Jo

Life starts after divorce … Past the fifty years mark woman, two teenagers, busy work. And a new life of sexual explorations and adventures: BDSM, kink, swinging and more. Staring my life from the beginning. Finally free...

17 thoughts on “Flogging session (Erotica)”

      1. Because it’s true. I can write everything I feel but Sex and Eroticism isn’t one of them. I grow up in an environment where we don’t talk about sex either as taboo or something we discover on our own. Perhaps one day.

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      2. Nobody was talking about sex where I grew up either. I had learnt about menstruation when I got my first period:) I used to sing in church chorus… 🙂
        But I was also always very open minded about sex. Too shy back then to go for things I am pursuing now. Better late than never.

        Liked by 2 people

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