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How do I want to feel?

“How do you want to feel?” …… That was question I was asked during a coaching session (kind of coaching). At that point we were talking about my struggle to get back on healthier, Hashimoto-friendly diet, and plateau I have reached with the weight loss.

That’s the question that is now helping me to make better choices – not only in diet. Of course, doesn’t always work, sometimes temptation is too much but as a general rule I think it can be pretty motivational.

Do I want to feel tired and sluggish or do I want to have energy to enjoy life?

Do I want to continuously worry about my blood pressure, cholesterol, stroke or heart attack or do I want to feel I do whatever is possible to minimize my chances of these issues?

Do I want to feel attractive and desirable, look sexy in fancy lingerie or do I want to sight when I look in the mirror?

Do I want to be physically fit or do I want to pant after short physical work?

Do I want to feel like “I can do that” type of a person, or do I want to feel like a “meh” person?

Author: Jo

Life starts after divorce … Past the fifty years mark woman, two teenagers, busy work. And a new life of sexual explorations and adventures: BDSM, kink, swinging and more. Staring my life from the beginning. Finally free...

4 thoughts on “How do I want to feel?”

  1. Good morning! I too am on a physical journey to getting fit. Age and needing to make sure I don’t keep hearing that horrid crackling sound in my knees when I stand up. I am only three days in but three days is a better start I figure than no days. And at 15 minutes a day to start it is a positive. Have a wonderful Thursday! 🙂

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    1. Jay-lyn – anything is Better Than Nothing . That’s another phrase I adopted lately from
      Somewhere on the web. Good luck! Every small step counts 🙂


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