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Strangers on the night train – Erotica

Clickety clack …. clackety clack…. that’s the only sound on the train. It is two o’clock in the morning and everybody is asleep or trying to sleep. My seat is right by the hallway, the only vacant seat in my compartment is next to me. I am enjoying not having anyone there.
Train stops at some small station for just a minute Just few people getting on and off and it’s quiet again.
I’m trying to sleep, my head against the headrest, when someone opens the door to our compartment and tall guy, maybe a little bit older than me, takes that empty seat by me. I try to sleep but it’s harder now with more limited space.
He tries to get more comfortable, our legs touch for a second, each of us automatically pulls back, trying not to invade each other space.
For few minutes nobody moves, staying in the same position, aware of split second contact. But it’s not that comfortable, and eventually I can feel him adjusting in his seat. His leg touches mine again, but this time he doesn’t move it away. Neither do I.
The game is on….

I keep pretending to be asleep. Once in a while one of us shifts in the seat, the space between us closing gradually. Now not only our legs are touching but also our arms. I can feel his breathing, sleepiness has disappeared.
I shift again, my eyes closed, trying to keep my breathing even, pretending to be asleep. My head is slowly moving towards him, before finally resting on his arm, our arms and legs glued together. I am looking through half open eyes to see if anyone is paying us any attention but it seems everybody is asleep . I am keenly aware of his body, I can feel his warmth through my skin. I am allowing myself to get more comfortable on his arm, and we stay like this for few minutes. Then he shifts again, and I can feel his arm going behind me, his hand on my waist. “Oh shit” I panic for a second. My plans where to keep everything in the “I am asleep, I know nothing of what’s going on here” zone. I did not expect that development…
He does not move now, waiting for my reaction, making sure he got it right. I feel wave of heat rushing through my body, his hand burning me. His fingers start moving now. First going down, caressing my side and ass, then slowly moving up higher, going under my arm to reach my breasts through my bra. I feel myself making more comfortable and pressing harder against his body, which seems to be on fire too… He shifts his position again and leans forward for a second and turns his face towards me. We hold eye contact for a second, both wide awake, neither one interested in a sleep at all.
After that he is much more bold, his right hand is now under my blouse, caressing my body, his fingers moving down, pushing their way under my skirt. I don’t dare to move, I do not want to spoil the dream. My hand is resting lightly on his tight. For someone from
the outside we look like a regular couple in love traveling together. It’s quiet, you can only hear the train.
Unfortunately, I need to go to restroom, I’ve been delaying it way before that stranger got on the train. Cursing myself, I free myself from the warm embrace and get up. Before I leave I turn around and we look at each other for a second. I can tell that he is disappointed too…

I’m going back to my compartment. The corridor is empty besides a tall guy standing by our compartment. Him. Having conversation wasn’t supposed to be part of that game, but I guess I do not have a choice now…. he is looking at the blackness spreading beyond the window, but turns to me when I get closer: “Hi” . “Hello”, I say back, not sure what else to say here. It was easier in the darkness, no words necessary. He has friendly face of someone who is at ease with people. We exchange our names and do a little small talk, without mentioning what had just happened few minutes earlier. Surprisingly to me, conversations is flowing effortlessly, we talk, we laugh a little. I look through the window, nothing but darkness there and our reflections, when I feel his hand on my cheek. His fingers are tracing my face very gently, then he holds my chin in his hands, before tracing my lower lip back and forth with his thumb. I can hear romantic melody being whistled by someone in the next compartment. I am pretty sure this is for us, as the guy who whistles has a seat with the great view of us and probably saw everything. I am sure we do look like young lovers.
We start talking again a little , but now he holds my hand and plays with my fingers. At one point we both laugh about something, sharing really great moment, and he spontaneously kisses me on the lips. That shocked us both, the intimacy of that kiss, of that moment. We stay silent.

The train slows down. “That’s my station”, he says. We look at each other, knowing that this is all we’ve got together, and we will never see each other again. He grabs his backpack and heads toward exit. He is the only one, seems like the whole train is asleep. I follow him and we wait together while train is coming to the stop somewhere in the middle of nowhere, in the middle of night.
He starts saying something but changes his mind and instead puts his warm lips on mine and starts kissing me, deep and passionate, our buddies pressing against each other.
The train finally stops. We look at each other for few seconds and he opens the door and jumps off, his backpack on his shoulder. Turns around and keep watching me as the train starts moving.

More than thirty years later and I still remember that night. I do not remember his name but I do remember how he made me feel. Good memories:)

Author: Jo

Life starts after divorce … Past the fifty years mark woman, two teenagers, busy work. And a new life of sexual explorations and adventures: BDSM, kink, swinging and more. Staring my life from the beginning. Finally free...

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